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Sep 2019

What is community philanthropy?

Jul 2019

Individual giving in India, Russia, the Arab region and Brazil

May 2019

Shift the power! Local ownership of the global agenda

Apr 2019

Leadership and Development

Mar 2019

New Horizons for Community-Led Development: Recommendations for Funders

Jan 2019

GFCF Annual Report, 1 April 2017 - 31 March 2018

Dec 2018

Dignity and development

Sep 2018

Time to #ShiftThePower? Community philanthropy and durable development

Jul 2018

Unlocking Philanthropy’s Potential: What Funders Can Do to Build Strong Philanthropy Support Ecosystems

Apr 2018

A Guide to Community Foundations in Italy

Apr 2018

How Community Philanthropy Shifts Power: What Donors Can Do to Help Make That Happen

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