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Tarisai Jangara

Communications Specialist
South Africa

Tarisai Jangara is an experienced Development Communications Specialist having worked as a journalist, editor, public relations officer and communications specialist in the last 11 years. She holds a Masters in Communication for Development from the University of Zambia and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communication from Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. Since 2010, Tarisai has provided writing and communication services to civil society organizations, especially in communication strategy development, media engagement, communication trainings, documenting stories of change and organizational branding.

She kicked off her career as a journalist in 2010 where she worked for a community newspaper (Midlands Community Newspaper) and subsequently the mainstream media (The Zimbabwean Newspaper and Business Times Magazine). Since 2014, she has been the Information and Publicity Officer at the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association, until she joined Zambian Governance Foundation (ZGF) in Zambia as Programme Specialist for Communications in 2016, where she oversaw ZGF’s entire communications portfolio. She has helped in positioning ZGF as a thought leader in community philanthropy and influenced the current thinking of development actors within Zambia for a broader recognition of community philanthropy as an important aspect in the development debate. She has conducted research studies on community philanthropy and led social media campaigns like #ShiftThePowerZambia which has helped in raising awareness about ZGF’s community philanthropy work. Within the same campaign, she spearheaded the production of the #ShiftThePowerZambia song and documentaries  showcasing local philanthropy in Zambia. She has written several philanthropy articles published by African Philanthropy Network, SDG Philanthropy Platform in Zambia, Alliance Magazine, and the GFCF. She has also featured in podcasts hosted by Terry Gibson where she has shared perspectives on what community philanthropy looks like in Zambia. She also participated in a webinar series organized by the GFCF with Jennifer Lentfer of How Matters focusing on Changing the narrative: Weaving #ShiftThePower throughout the #Globaldev sector. She has also been involved in the Measuring What Matters conservations.

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