Grants awarded – 2006

Europe & Central Asia

The Association for Community Relations (ARC) – Romania
$25,200 for ARC to promote the development of community foundations in Romania. ARC will work with three emerging community foundations, providing support towards their institutional development.

CF Pervouralsk – XXI – Russia
$50,000 challenge grant to strengthen the community foundation’s grantmaking capacity over three years. The grant will be used to help raise matching funds locally in support of the foundation’s Youth Bank project.

Chepelare Community Foundation – Bulgaria
$42,850 to support the development of endowment building strategies among 10 Bulgarian community foundations over one year.

NITRA Community Foundation – Slovakia
$41,000 challenge grant over three years to support Nitra’s efforts to mobilise resources for its grantmaking programmes and endowments locally.

REVIA-Small-Carpathian Community Foundation – Slovakia
$50,000 challenge grant over three years to support endowment building efforts.

TUSEV-Third Sector Foundation of Turkey – Turkey
$5,000 to explore the potential for community foundation development in Turkey

$5,000 to publicise conference outcomes.

Latin America & Caribbean

Cemefi – Centro Mexicano para la Filantropia – Mexico
$5,000 to develop a community foundation handbook for new and existing community foundations in Mexico.

ICom – Instituto Comunitario Grande Florianopolis (ICom)- Brazil
$15,000 organisational development grant to support the strengthening of the organisation’s board and governance structure.

$5,000 to develop a “toolbox” for Brazilan community foundations on asset development and social investment.

$50,000 challenge grant over three years to support efforts to mobilise local resources for grantmaking.

South Asia

Mewat Community Foundation – India
$15,000 organisational development grant to provide consultant support in the areas of capacity building, fund management, governance and community outreach.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Kenya Community Development Foundation – Kenya
$5,000 for a peer visit for board and staff members to visit community foundations in the UK.