Grants awarded – 2008

Europe and Central Asia

Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia, Kazakhstan
US $15,000 to explore and promote the community foundation concept in Kazakhstan.

Kherson Regional Charitable Foundation ‘Zakhyst’, Ukraine
US $8,000 for developing a new strategy for grantmaking and the creation of individual foundations and improving strategies for means attraction.

Dniprovsk Association for Region’s Development, Ukraine
US $8,000 for institutional development activities, including a peer exchange, networking and programme development.

Community Foundation ‘Slagalica’, Croatia
US $15,000 for institutional development and matched funds for grantmaking.

AHALAR Centre for Humane Technologies, Ukraine
US $5,000 to develop to develop and pilot the concept of a “Benefactors Union” (donor club).

Tuzla Community Foundation, Bosnia and Herzegovina
US $10,000 to launch a fundraising campaign in Tuzla municipality to mobilize local resources and raise the profile of the foundation as a grantmaking and donor service organization.

Via Vitae Foundation, Czech Republic
US $10,000 for board development and strategic planning.

The Federation of Polish Foundations, Poland
US $10,000 for capacity building and promotional activities for community foundation development in Serbia.

Resource Centre for Development ALFA, Serbia
US $10,000 for capacity building and promotional activities for community foundation development in Serbia.

Civic Development and Partnership Foundation, Armenia
US $20,000 to promote and explore the community foundation concept with three communities and at the national level in Armenia.

Rural Development Fund, Kyrgyz Republic
US $7,000 to explore the feasibility of the Kok Oirok Community Council for Restoration of Traditional Knowledge and Community Development becoming a local community foundation.

Community Foundation Movement (Foundation Ziedot), Latvia
US$ 15,000 towards salary costs, peer learning and national community foundation conference.

Local Community Development Foundation Stip, Macedonia
US$ 12,000 to strengthen the capacities of this new community foundation through peer exchange and consultant support (from Slovakia / Czech Republic) and through matched funds for grantmaking.

Cluj Community Foundation, Romania
US$ 15,000 to engage in start-up activities, including establishing systems, board development and local resource mobilization.

Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation. Romania
US$ 10,000 to engage in programme start-up activities.

Astrakhan Community Foundation, Russia
US$ 10,000 for institutional development activities (including development of grantmaking programme, local resource mobilization and operating costs).

Baikal Community Foundation, Russia
US$ 7,000 towards an urban-based grantmaking initiative aimed at raising the foundation’s profile in Ulan Ude (capital of Republic of Buryatia).

Public organization “Centre of Social Initiations “RYNDA” of Plastun settlement”, Russia
US$ 15,000 for start-up activities for this emerging community foundation based in Russia’s remote Far East (including peer exchange to Tyumen Community Foundation, operating costs and grantmaking).

Charity Fund “Community of Revda”, Russia
$10,000 for a peer exchange and organizational development activities.

Komunitná nadácia Bardejov, Slovakia
US$ 7,000 for board development and strategic planning and grantmaking strategy development (with technical support provided by Presov Community Foundation).

Latin America and Caribbean

Corporacion Makaia Asesoria Internacional, Colombia
US $15,000 to explore the community foundation concept and its relevance for Colombia.

HelpArgentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
US $14,000 to explore the feasibility of the community foundation concept in Argentina.

Ciudad Viva, Santiago, Chile
US $10,000 for exploration activities aimed at establishing the viability of Ciudad Viva repositioning itself as a community foundation.

Fondo Acción Solidaria, A.C. (FASOL), Baja California, Mexico
US $20,000 to this Mexican community based socio-environmental fund to develop its capacity in building a local fundraising base.

Latin American Center of Human Economy, Local Development Program (CLAEH), Montevideo, Uruguay
$15,000 to continue exploration, dissemination and pilot activities around the introduction of the community foundation concept in Uruguay.

Middle East and North Africa

Community Foundation for South Sinai, Egypt
US $15,000 for start-up activities, including staff recruitment and training.

Dalia Association, Palestine
US $15,000 to pilot a grantmaking and local fundraising programme in Saffa Village.

East Asia Pacific

LIN Foundation, Vietnam
US $18,000 for institutional development.

Association of Foundations, Philippines
US $24,000 to organize and conduct a workshop for six emerging community foundations in the Philippines and provide ongoing technical assistance.

Simag Foundation, Philippines
US $8,000 to conduct a range of activities focused at repositioning it as a community foundation

Sainik Foundation, Delhi, India
US $10,000 to seed the community foundation concept through the mobilization of village community-based funds in Pauri district (Uttarakhand State, Himalayas).

Sub-Saharan Africa

Lurdes Mutola Foundation, Mozambique
US $20,000 for institutional development.

Akuapem Community Foundation, Ghana
US $15,000 for institutional support and marketing.

Pro-Natura / Rivers State Community Foundation, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
US $9,195 for an exchange visit by trustees of the emerging Rivers State Community Foundation to the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland.

Greater Durban Community Foundation, South Africa
US $10,000 for planning activities associated with repositioning the GDCF as fully functioning community foundation.

Greater Rustenburg Community Foundation, South Africa
US $15,000 for technical assistance to review and redefine GRCF’s grantmaking strategy.

Consultation Grants

As part of the consultation process associated with its incubation as an independent entity the GFCF has made a series of grants to local partners to support local consultation processes. These include:

Charities Aid Foundation, Russia
$8,500 to conduct a series of consultations with i) national stakeholders in Russia and ii) community foundation practitioners from the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region at the Community Foundation Partnership Conference in Togliatti (June 2008).

Alternativas y Capacidades, Mexico
$15,000 as partial funding of a study of community foundations in Mexico conducted in collaboration with Teamworks (co-funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Ford Foundation and Inter-American Foundation).

Instituto Comunitario Grande Florianopolis, Brazil
$15,000 to conduct a series of seminars and surveys with a wide range on stakeholders in Brazil aimed at stimulating discussion and interest in the community foundation concept and other social investment strategies.

Association of Foundations, Philippines
$12,000 to conduct a series of round table discussions and interviews with the international donor community, corporate foundations, community foundations and NGOs in Metro Manila as well as in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Allavida, Kenya
$16,400 to conduct a series of three one-day convenings in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in conjunction with the East Africa Association of Grantmakers.

Conference Attendance Grants

The Russian Community Foundation Partnership’s Annual Conference, Togliatti June 2008
$14,363 to 11 organizations to attend the Togliatti conference

Organisations in attendance:

  • Resource Centre for Development ALFA, Serbia
  • Community Foundation Partnership, Russia
  • Community Fund Chepelare, Bulgaria
  • Donetsk City Charity Foundation, Ukraine
  • Enbekshikazakh Community Foundation, Kazakhstan
  • Foundation Ziedot Community Foundation Movement, Latvia
  • New Shamakhi Community Foundation, Azerbaijan
  • Nikolayev Community Foundation, Ukraine
  • Princes-benefactors Ostrozky Foundation, Ukraine
  • Rural Development Fund, Kyrgyzstan
  • Togliatti ommunity Foundation, Russia
  • Ukrainian Grantmakers Forum, Ukraine
  • Valmiera Region Community Foundation, Latvia

Community Foundations of Canada Conference, Montreal 7-9 November
$23,339 to 9 organizations to attend the CFC conference

Organisations in attendance:

  • Community Development Foundation Western Cape, South Africa
  • Latin American Center of Human Economy, Uruguay
  • Institute for the Development of Social Investment, Brazil
  • Kenya Community Development Foundation, Kenya
  • Ciudad Viva, Chile
  • Presov Community Foundation, Slovak Republic
  • Puebla Community Foundation, Mexico
  • West Coast Community Foundation, South Africa