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GFCF launches its new website

The Global Fund for Community Foundations launched its new website in early 2011. We wanted the new site to reflect the responsive character of our organization, and the dual purpose that we serve: to provide not only funding to individual community foundations working at a local level all over the world, but also a platform for the global community foundation movement to promote itself more widely and more effectively.

The new site has all the content you would have found on the old website, but in a more accessible and intuitive arrangement. In addition, we have:

  • completely re-designed and restructured the site
  • established a members’ forum, where users can log on and post comments about articles on our site or about their own work or research in related areas
  • created a new home page, with a changing menu of news items, again relating to our own work and to stories connected with it
  • made it easier for you to donate to support our work
  • opened Facebook, LinkedIn and delicious accounts, which you can access from our home page

We have also, crucially, built into the site the flexibility to amend it as our concerns and activities develop, and as our users, colleagues and associates would like us to.

So please tell us what you think. E-mail us with your comments on:

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