Grants awarded – 2011–12

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East Asia Pacific Region

SIMAG Foundation, Phillipines. US $10,000 (September 2012) Institutional development of the foundation. US$10,000 (2011) Youth Civic Engagement

LIN Center for Community Development, US $15,000, August 2012, community grantmaking programme and local philanthropy development
US$11,900, September 2011, community grantmaking programme and local philanthropy development  (Asia programme)

Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Local Community Development Foundation Stip, Macedonia. US$9,000 (Development of first Youth Bank in Macedonia (YCE Dec 2011) US$7,000 (Youth Civic Engagement Feb 2011)

Tuzla Community Foundation, Bosnia. US$10,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Kok Oirok Community Foundation, Kyrgyzstan. US$3,500 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Valmiera Community Foundation, Latvia. US$12,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Ungheni Community Foundation, Moldova. US$10,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Cahul Community Foundation, Moldova. US$8,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Cluj Community Foundation, Romania. US$12,500 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Garant – Arkhangelsk, Russia. US$12,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Penza – Civil Unity, Russia. US$12,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Blago – Sverdlovsk, Russia. US$6,500 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Healthy City Foundation, Slovakia. US$4,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Nitra Community Foundation. US $6,135 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Fund for the Development of Nikolaev City, Ukraine. US$10,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Moloda Gromada, Ukraine. US$8,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Latin America and Caribbean

Monteverde Institute, Costa Rica. $11,950 (August 2012). Start-up support to community foundation initiative focused on environmental conservation and community development.

Fundación Comunitaria de la Frontera Norte, Mexico. $11,000 (July 2012) and $11,000 (January 2012). Youth Civic Engagement

Puerto Rico Community Foundation (in partnership with Espwa). US $20,000 (planning grant to explore feasibility of community foundation in Haiti)

ICom, Brazil. $ 9,000 (Dec 2011) to develop partnerships with four youth organizations aimed at engaging young people acoss different socio-economic groups
US $ 5,000 (Youth Civic Engagement, Feb 2011)

Middle East and North Africa

Naseej Foundation, Jordan. US $15,000 (August 2012) Strategic planning for Naseej as a regional foundation working with young people across the Arab region (Youth Civic Engagement)

Foundation for Social Transformation: enabling north-east India. US $7,000 July 2012
US$10,000, January 2012 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Al Maadi Community Foundation, Egypt. US $14,000 to develop “Made in Maadi” small business / grassroots development campaign for youth and school children (Dec 2011)
US $ 12,000 (Feb 2011) US$12,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Dalia Association, Palestine. $10,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)

South Sinai Community Foundation, Egypt. US$10,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)

South Asia

South Asia Women’s Fund US $10,000 (August 2012) To build local philanthropy base for social justice grantmaking (Asia programme)

Dalit Foundation, India. $10,000 (Asia programme)

I-Partner, India. $10,000 (Asia programme)

Tewa, Nepal. $12,000 (Asia programme)

Nirnaya Trust, India. US$11,000 (Asia programme)

Tewa, Nepal. US$5,600. (Co-host convening of South Asian community philanthropy organizations)

Sub-Saharan Africa

Uluntu Community Foundation, Zimbabwe. US $26,000 (September 2012) Youth Civic Engagement programme and institutional development. US $6,000 (Dec 2011) ongoing development of youth programme in Matabeleland South US $ 12,000 (Feb 2011) Youth Civic Engagement

Westlake Community Foundation Initiative via Community Development Foundation Western Cape, South Africa. US $3,000 (September 2012). Support to start-up community foundation initiative.

West Coast Community Foundation, South Africa. US $20,000, September 2012 (YCE peer learning event and MyMachine pilot). US$10,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)

Community Development Foundation Western Cape, South Africa. US $8,800 (to host YCE peer learning event) US$15,000 (Youth Civic Engagement)