Our new-look home page: plus, TCFN archive shifts to our new user-friendly resource section

It’s been a year since we launched our new website and these latest changes to our home page and resource section reflect our desire to be more nimble and responsive to the latest developments in the community foundation / community philanthropy field as well as to build up the knowledge base on this under-documented field in a more organized and accessible way.

You can now comment on or share news items, reports etc. and we’ve also included our Twitter and Facebook feeds in an attempt to link up the various platforms where the GFCF is active. We are also pleased to annouce the transfer of resources produced by the Transatlantic Community Foundation Network.

From 1999 to 2011 TCFN provided a platform for the exchange of experience and expertise among community foundations on both sides of the Atlantic. It sought to identify good practice and share it with emerging and existing community foundations, as well as to foster the development of this form of philanthropy in counties where the concept is still new. During its existence, a number of working groups were responsible for developing resources that it is believed will continue to be of use to community foundations at different stages of development and in different parts of the world.

The Resources section of the GFCF’s website offers selected TCFN resources and related papers on community foundations. A full archive of TCFN resources can be found here and the GFCF resource centre here

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