New white paper on Empowering Communities in Resource Extraction Regions

With many of the world’s non-renewable resources increasingly being extracted in areas of the world inhabited by indigenous peoples, what are some of the strategies that ensure that the voices of communities are heard, that their vision of sustainable development is realised and that they are less vulnerable to the negative impacts of large-scale resource extraction? A new white paper from GFCF partner, Amazon Partnerships Foundation and the Ecuadorian think-tank Grupo Faro offers some insights from a grassroots grantmaking and empowerment model developed in Ecuador.

Amazon Partnerships Foundation

The report, Oil and Water: Empowering Communities Living in Resource Extraction Regions (available in Spanish and English) focuses on the unique Community Self-Development Methodology developed by APF over the last few years in Napo Province, Ecuador, where extractive industries have a significant presence. The methodology – which is based on the principle of collaboration between equal partners – helps empower communities dealing with oil, mining, and timber extraction in their territory by focusing on concerns and needs as well as assets and ideas. Read the report

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