Share your views in the planning process for a Global Summit on Community Philanthropy!

The first “global symposium” for community foundations was held in Berlin in 2004.  This was widely regarded as a successful meeting, and many people have subsequently suggested that it should be repeated. Although there have been discussions about doing this, and a group of people met in Belfast in March 2009 to discuss the possibility, the idea only began to take shape in September 2012, when a group of people met at the Council on Foundations’ Community Foundation conference in New Orleans.

The purpose of this paper is to develop the agenda for the “Global Summit on Community Philanthropy” to be held either in 2015 or 2016. It is  intended as the beginnings of a “background paper”.  The final version of the paper will determine the character the summit meeting itself, but, before the paper can play this role, it needs to go through an iterative process so that it has wide ownership by the field.  For this reason, the paper will be used to consult widely about what is planned for the summit and periodically revised to take account of comments received.

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