YouthBank International introduces its new identity and new digital magazine

Says Vernon Ringland, Executive Group member and YouthBank International Coordinator, “At YouthBank International we are looking forward to a promising, dynamic and invigorating 2014. With a renewed spring in our step, we are putting into action the projects that we have developed and refined in 2013. This year, after building solid foundations, we are ready to set up our stall and showcase the fruit of our collaborations and internal work within and outside our network.”

YouthBank ‘supports projects designed and run by young people that address issues and concerns relevant to them and their community.’ They do this via over 200 YouthBanks in 26 countries across Europe, parts of Africa, and Central Asia… from South Africa to Romania; from Bulgaria to Kyrgyzstan; from Ireland to Turkey.

Learn more about YouthBank International’s new identity and its new e-magazine.

YouthBank International – Think Big from Daniel Kendall on Vimeo.



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