Monitor Institute’s ‘What’s Next for Community Philanthropy?’ releases new essay ‘Think Global: Lessons from community philanthropy around the world’

For a time, emerging and developing community foundations looked north to their North American and Western European brothers and sisters to learn about how to develop their organizations. Today, 20 years after the first community foundation was established in continental Europe (the Healthy City Community Foundation in Slovakia), 18 years since Tewa, the Nepal Women’s Fund, first got going and 17 years since Africa’s largest community foundation, the Kenya Community Development Foundation, was created, the direction of those learning flows is starting to change and examples of best practice can be found all over the globe.

A new essay from the Monitor Institute’s What’s Next for Community Philanthropy? initiative, invites its audience, to learn about what community philanthropy organizations around the globe are doing. Drawing examples from community-based funders around the world (countries include Romania, Vietnam, Egypt, Mozambique, Russia, to name a few) the essay details a number of practices, approaches, and ideas that that community philanthropy practitioners anywhere could import into their own work. As the essay points out, “International community foundations now outnumber those in the U.S., and have often developed without many of the usual constraints and assumptions found in the U.S. and Canada.”

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