Help Tewa, the Nepal Women’s Fund, get their community partners back on their feet

Nepal is reeling from the immediate effects of the earthquake that hit the country on 25th April 2015. As the immediate emergency response gets underway and in the reconstruction that follows, it will be crucial for local needs and voices to be taken into consideration and that grassroots groups are part of efforts to rebuild, strengthen, and expand sustainable development in Nepal’s rural areas.

Tewa, Nepal Women’s Fund, has been working with grassroots groups across Nepal for the past twenty years and – uniquely in that country – encouraging Nepali citizens to support its work by building up a network of 3,000 local donors. Tewa is a long-term grant partner of the GFCF and any donations made to support Tewa’s work will be transferred directly to them. Tewa’s staff are, thankfully, all safe.

To donate to the GFCF’s campaign, please click here

Fondation de France and the Global Fund for Women are also currently running specific fundraising efforts for Nepal.

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