It’s not too late to complete the Community Foundation Atlas survey! Join 400 organizations around the world and be part of this unique global project!

With over 400 responses from more than 40 countries, the Community Foundation Atlas – an online project aimed at mapping community philanthropy the world over – is growing rapidly. But we need more responses to add to this already rich of data on community philanthropy around the world!

Initial findings show the enormous diversity of the global field. There are community foundations with annual budgets in the tens of thousands of US dollars and others which have tens of millions! Over three quarters have an endowment fund – and again these range from the hundreds of dollars to the billions. Although the deep analysis of the data is just getting started,

The information collected through the Atlas survey also includes how community philanthropy organizations see themselves – their roles and their successes in the communities they serve – as well as some of the societal trends to which they are responding. Participants at a recent session on the Atlas at WINGSForum in Istanbul at the end of March had a “sneak-peak” of some of this data, which looks at the essence of community foundations’ work and made further recommendations around regional disaggregation of data sets as well as looking at cohorts of institutions based on age or asset size as a way of digging deeper into understanding the dynamics, drive and origins of community philanthropy organizations in different parts of the world.

The Community Foundation Atlas is a joint collaboration of the Cleveland Foundation, the Global Fund for Community Foundations, WINGS and the Foundation Centre. It is supported by the Mott Foundation.

The survey is currently available in English and Spanish. Go to the survey

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