Community philanthropy chimes with SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have arrived after years of dialogue. Where the earlier Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were formulated in United Nations offices – one was even added as policymakers crossed the road – the long, global consultation process for developing the SDGs has raised expectations for community participation across the world.

The so-called SDG ‘Road to Dignity’ now faces its real test – the potholes of universal implementation in an increasingly unsettled world. CIVICUS General Secretary, Danny Sriskandarajah, recognized the challenges ahead in his introduction to the 2015 State of Civil Society report. He said: “As the world debates the post-2015 agenda the SDGs are the next big test of the international system. The international community needs to show commitment to tackling inequality, and create space for civil society, as a co-owner of the goals, rather than a delivery mechanism for elite priorities.”

Authors: Jenny Hodgson & Avila Kilmurray, GFCF

Published in: Alliance Magazine

Published: November 2015

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