Perspectives on Arab & Global Philanthropy: Roles and Approaches

The report “Perspectives on Arab & Global Philanthropy: Roles and Approaches” emerged from a consultative meeting held in Berlin 3rd – 4th June 2015 of the same title. The report also forms the result of Atallah Kuttab’s (the Chairman and Founder of SAANED) fellowship at the Robert Bosch Academy.

The objective of the meeting was to highlight the changing landscape of philanthropy around the world and to understand how local traditions of giving and local discourses, such as from the Arab region, are building on global best practice and evolving patterns of philanthropy. It is hoped this will lead to better understanding of a global philanthropy that aims at a more equitable world and appreciate the richness in its diversity. The meeting included sessions covering local traditions, evolving areas of philanthropy (individual, family and corporate philanthropy, community philanthropy and impact investing/social investment), the role of philanthropy in society and its relationship to governments, and accountability, transparency and governance, and our sector’s legitimacy.

Download the report, contribute to the blog, or watch a short interview with Atallah Kuttab

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