Deepening the conversation at the regional level: new Spanish and Portuguese resources now available

Language and meaning matter: in English, the term “community philanthropy” is far from being established or understood as a pillar of mainstream philanthropy and development. The same is true in other languages, with the words “community” and “philanthropy” often contested in terms of how they are defined and what they are seen to stand for. The GFCF is pleased to have worked with some of our partners in Latin America – including the Brazil Social Justice Philanthropy Network, Fondo Acción Solidaria A.C. (FASOL), Monteverde Community Fund and some excellent translators – on translations of our recently published GrantCraft paper (Spanish and Portuguese versions available), as well as our new animated film “The Answer is Local” (Spanish and Portuguese translations are live).

In the coming months, we will be publishing additional translations to Russian, Chinese and French too – so watch this space!