Shift power and resources to Ukrainian NGOs – panel discussion on 18 November

16 Nov 2022


“Give Power to Ukrainian NGOs” is an initiative that aims to increase the amount of resources directed to local organizations for humanitarian and longer term development work, effective humanitarian response, and the development of civil society. This upcoming panel discussion – to be held on Friday 18 November – will continue the dialogue around the four steps outlined in the Open Letter to International Donors and NGOs Who Want to Genuinely Help Ukraine written by the National Network of Local Philanthropy Development in Ukraine.

During the event, community foundations from both the Western and Eastern parts of Ukraine will elaborate on current key priorities in different regions. They will discuss potential ways of cutting the current bureaucracy, the prioritization of humanitarian projects, and basic principles of solidarity. The panel aims to bring Ukrainian voices into international conversations and to start a change-making process acknowledging and addressing some of the existing barriers.

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Date: Friday 18 November 2022

Time: 7pm Johannesburg & Kyiv / 5pm London / Noon New York

Audience: Representatives of international organizations, donors, government decision-makers, and anyone with a feeling of solidarity with Ukraine that is ready to take active action.

Interpretation: Available in Ukrainian and English.

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