Shifting power through evidence: Announcing new GFCF research grants programme

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In a recent paper commissioned by the GFCF, Hilary Gilbert writes: “The history of development is littered with poor practice, and the power imbalance between funders and those they fund ensures that donors have little incentive to adjust their approach. But what if evidence of better outcomes could provide that incentive?”

The GFCF is inviting applications for small grants from those interested in contributing to the evidence base for community philanthropy and people-led development. In particular, we are looking to link local level experiences and practices with specific arguments and questions about theories of development raised in Hilary Gilbert’s discussion paper, Time to #ShiftThePower? Community philanthropy and durable development.


The grants

Grants of around $5,000 USD will be made to support research, writing and reflection on a particular aspect of community philanthropy practice as part of a broader effort to strengthen the evidence base for the field.


Who should apply?

Community philanthropy practitioners and advocates, writers and researchers. Excellent writing skills are not essential as the GFCF will be offering writing and editorial support to individual writers.


How and when to apply?

Start by reading the discussion paper below (which is a summary of a much longer paper for those interested) and send us an email with your research idea. We will respond as we receive the ideas. More details on the process and the grants themselves can be found in the discussion paper below, as well as Portuguese and Spanish translations of the original paper. Any questions? Contact us!


The paper

Time to #ShiftThePower? Community philanthropy and durable development

Chegou a hora de transferir o poder? Filantropia comunitária e desenvolvimento sustentável – #ShiftThePower (Portuguese translation)

¿Es momento de Transferir el poder (#ShiftThePower)? Filantropía comunitaria y desarrollo perdurable (Spanish translation)


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