WACSI and GFCF feature on Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Power of Voices” podcast

04 Nov 2021

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched “The Power of Voices” podcast series! The podcast is directly linked to the Ministry’s policy framework for “Strengthening Civil Society” and episodes, featuring guest speakers, will deep dive into the meaning and practices of the core concepts of this framework.

In the second episode host Jeroen Kelderhuis, Head Civil Society and Education Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, talks to Charles Kojo Vandyck of the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) and Jenny Hodgson of the GFCF about the #ShiftThePower movement, the changes required for this and the role of international donors. WACSI and the GFCF are both part of the Giving for Change programme. Funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the five-year, €24 million programme will be implemented in eight countries and aims to foster local giving as an expression of voice, civic participation, solidarity and dissent.

Click here to listen to the second episode “Shifting or sharing power in international aid” on Spotify!

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