Community philanthropy in Russia

This report is based on data and information gathered in 2021.

Community foundations have been working in Russia for almost a quarter of a century. Community foundations are unique in their mission to develop communities and initiatives in various regions or settlements. In 2021, no less than 80 organizations in 31 regions of Russia applied the community foundation model in their work. The Charitable Foundation for Philanthropy Development has been supporting the development of local philanthropy and community foundations and studying the work of community foundations for over 20 years. This report is being published within its “Program for the Support of Community Philanthropy.” Its objective is to provide an overview of community foundations’ roles and significance, to explore the way they work, as well as the challenges and opportunities they face. It aims to be useful for NGOs, donors, companies, research institutions and officials.

Community foundations started to emerge in Russia in 1998. The majority work in towns with populations of up to 500,000, and nearly one-third work in very small settlements with populations of 50,000 and less. Most often, community foundations work in their local communities, but some of them significantly expanded their area of activities to involve not only neighbouring districts, but also other regions.

Author: Yulia Khodorova, with editing from Olga Pavlova

Published: May 2022

Published by: Charitable Foundation for Philanthropy Development

Download: ‘Community philanthropy in Russia

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