Dream Paper: Shift the power

Partos’ “Shift-the-Power Community of Practice” brings together more than 130 development professionals from Dutch development organizations, as well as their partners. In 2020 the Community of Practice embarked on a journey to explore a new division of roles between civil society organizations from the Global North and South. One result is this Dream Paper. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guideline on how to work towards a more equal and just international development cooperation system, but rather provides a summary of the thought processes, dialogues, debates, workshops and events organized under this Community of Practice.

The paper summarizes discussions concerning the desired division of roles between Northern and Southern civil society organizations. The more clearly these roles can be envisaged, the easier it will be to see what system change is needed. It offers recommendations for donors, civil society organizations themselves, and other relevant actors whose commitment is needed to bring about this system change. Specific chapters focus on: understanding the system; an inventory of corrective measures; partnership building; agenda setting, strategy development and implementation; resource mobilization and allocation; and, communication and representation.

Authors & contributors: Heinz Greijn (facilitator), Gervin Chanase, Alan Fowler, Moses Isooba, Siri Lijfering, Rasha Sansur, Charles Kojo VanDyck, Gerrit de Vries

Published: January 2022

Published by: Partos

Download: ‘Dream Paper: Shift the power

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