Rural voice II, 35 stories for 35 years

This E-Book tells the story of South Africa’s Social Change Assistance Trust (SCAT). It charts the journey of the organization, which began when Norwegian social action partners agreed with SCAT’s three South African founding members that an organization should be formed to support anti-apartheid work in South Africa. Later in the journey, SCAT made a major shift to fund only initiatives in rural communities – work that is widely regarded as being critical in transforming underserved communities towards greater well-being. The E-Book features the voices and perspectives of former and current SCAT Trustees, staff, as well as partners working in four programmatic areas (access to justice, food security, gender equality and youth).

Editor: Heather Robertson

Published by: Social Change Assistant Trust

Published: November 2019

Download: ‘Rural voice II, 35 stories for 35 years

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