What we stand for

What do we mean by community philanthropy?

Community philanthropy builds on assets that already exist within communities rather than depending only on what comes from outside. When local resources are brought to the table, a flatter power dynamic is created and traditional donor-beneficiary imbalances are challenged.

How does community philanthropy shift power?

Community philanthropy is an essential part of broader efforts to move away from top-heavy and top-down systems of international development and philanthropy, towards a flatter and more equitable paradigm of people-based development.

Community philanthropy and durable development

With an emphasis on local assets, local decision-making and a long-term view, community philanthropy is a strategy to achieve durable development. That means strong, resilient systems and organizations that are rooted in their constituencies.

Grants to foster community philanthropy

We provide small grants aimed at stimulating and support the development of community philanthropy organizations around the world.

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Building the evidence base for people-led development

We collect data, commission and conduct research, and work with partners to consider appropriate measurements and metrics.

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Influencing development debates & practice

We seek to engage other actors and influencers in broader philanthropy and international aid sectors who want to shift power closer to the ground.

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Working with donors & development organizations

We provide advice and information to donors and INGOs interested in exploring community philanthropy as a strategy.

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