Advisory services

The GFCF provides advice and information to donors and INGOs interested in exploring community philanthropy as both a core development strategy or a supporting one. We also offer advisory and consultancy services where a more in-depth exploration is required.

For some donors and INGOs, community philanthropy appeals as a good in itself because of the core values and beliefs – such as the insistence on community leadership and control over resources, the principles of people-led development etc. – that underpin it.

For other development actors, community philanthropy may be more of a tactic or a strategy that can help achieve a specific institutional objective. For a human rights funder, community philanthropy can be useful a strategy for building a local support base and growing awareness around rights and justice among the public more broadly. For a bilateral or multilateral donor looking to strengthen civil society transparency and accountability, evidence of regular community contributions are a powerful indicator of local buy-in and trust. For an INGO, community philanthropy is highly relevant to conversations around localization. It can also form part of a donor exit strategy, build power and voice among the most marginalized parts of society… the list goes on.

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