Our staff

Kerry Soderlund

Finance Director
South Africa

Kerry Soderlund joins the GFCF team as Finance Director. As an experienced Finance and Operations Director of a community foundation, Kerry offers insights and expertise in the financial, operational and governance management of public benefit organizations.

Kerry is qualified with a Bachelor of Accounting Science degree qualification as well as previous experience in auditing and management accounting.

Kerry aims to contribute her expertise to ensure that the GFCF has well managed, effective financial systems, manages and monitors risk, ensures there is statutory compliance and sound governance in place. Strong financial and governance systems in place evokes a confidence in the organizations’ abilities to be accountable to donors, grant partners and stakeholders.

Kerry’s first introduction to the GFCF and #ShiftThePower was attending the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy in Johannesburg in 2016. The event was a pivotal moment in changing the narrative of community philanthropy. Since then, as a practitioner in the community philanthropy sphere, especially working in the rural context of community philanthropy,  Kerry has followed the #ShiftThePower movement and participated in and advocated for the #ShiftThePower global movement.