Call to host the next 2023 #ShiftThePower Summit! Submit an Expression of Interest today!

10 Jan 2023


How many conferences have you been to that you remember, in the sense that it changed the way you think and work? How would you like to be part of such an event in 2023?

In 2016, 400 people from more than 60 countries gathered in Johannesburg, South Africa for the first Global Summit on Community Philanthropy. For many, the Summit marked an important moment (you can read more about its impact on those who attended here), and it was there that the #ShiftThePower movement was born. Based on a vision of an alternative system of development that puts communities in the driver’s seats, recognizes and celebrates the role of local agency, voice and resources, and that rejects top-down, donor-directed approaches, #ShiftThePower has evolved into a global movement of people and organizations seeking to tip the balance of power in development.

The next #ShiftThePower Summit will be held in early December 2023, and we are now inviting Expressions of Interest from potential event hosts. More information on the role and desired characteristics of the Summit host, as well as how to submit an Expression of Interest, is provided below.


Role of the #ShiftThePower Summit host

Summit hosts will be requested to:

  • Provide advice on venues and logistics.
  • Propose keynote speakers and contribute to the Summit programme.
  • Suggest cultural events, social events and site visits that would complement the Summit programme.
  • Invite delegates from their country / region / network etc. The exact number will be determined based on venues’ capacity, costs etc.
  • (Optional) Organize their own events either before or after the Summit.
  • (To be confirmed) Host one planning meeting prior to December 2023.

Summit hosts will not be requested to:

  • Organize the full programme of the event. While they will contribute to this, the programme will be developed with #ShiftThePower allies from around the world. This will ensure a representative and diverse offering.
  • Cover all the costs of the event. While contributions to the event (including funding, but also considering staff time, local knowledge, networks etc.) are appreciated, funding to cover Summit costs, including a potential planning meeting, will be secured. This will not be the primary responsibility of the Summit host.


Characteristics of the #ShiftThePower Summit host

  • Priority will be given to potential hosts based in the Global South and Central and Eastern Europe.
  • An individual organization or network may apply to be a host. However, Expressions of Interest from groups of organizations – particularly those representing different parts of the philanthropy and development systems – are highly encouraged.


What an Expression of Interest should include

  • Some background to the applicants’ relationship to #ShiftThePower. What does it mean to them?
  • Why an applicants’ proposed city / country / region would be an ideal place to host the Summit. Please include practical considerations (ie. are visas required and, if so, are they affordable and relatively easy to obtain; is local travel convenient and safe; are venues and hotels reasonably priced etc.).
  • Why the proposing organization, or group of organizations, is well placed to host the #ShiftThePower Summit, and what they feel they could contribute.


How and when to submit Expressions of Interest

Please submit a brief Expression of Interest to GFCF Executive Director Jenny Hodgson ( by Friday 10 February 2023 at the latest. Short-listed candidates will be contacted for a follow-up conversation and / or may be requested to submit more details to support their proposal. Expressions of Interest will be considered by the GFCF in consultation with a close group of allies from the wider #ShiftThePower movement.

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Muito interessante, é uma oportunidade excelente para trocar impressões, ideias, conhecimento ,novas visões e troca de experiência com os outros países.

Matte Jockas

The Movement For Community Led Development Uganda Chapter will be glad to submit her EOI having successfully conducted various CLD workshops in Uganda.


How can we be notified of the event so we can attend?

Spageon Ngabo

Hi Wendy, would you mind adding me too on the mailing list, please? I’d also like to be notified of the event, so that I can prepare my attendance. I am truly interested in.
I am Spageon Ngabo, from Burundi – Africa. (More details on my organization:

Cecilia Milesi

Excellent!!! We will consider applying. Cecilia

Masibo Lumala, PhD

After consultation with University Management, Moi University based in Eldoret, Kenya, will be submitting an EoI for your kind consideration. It will be a great honor for us to host the Summit.