Changing the narrative: Weaving #ShiftThePower throughout the #GlobalDev sector

04 Dec 2019

The GFCF is delighted to be partnering with Jennifer Lentfer of How Matters, who will be hosting a series of four online conversations entitled “Changing the Narrative: Weaving #ShiftThePower throughout the #Globaldev Sector.” 

Following the Pathways to Power Symposium, which took place in November 2019 in London, this weaving conversation will consider how organizations’ communications strategy, framing, and tactics can support collective efforts to #ShiftThePower in aid, global development, and international philanthropy. How do we inspire wider collective action without eliciting guilt, pity, or shame?

Charitable portrayals of “helping” often conjure up victimhood and passivity in order to validate the assistance being given. There is a growing awareness that these portrayals uphold, rather than counteract, historical and politicized notions of “the other.” This leads to reinforced narrative frames and deepened ignorance among the general public in rich countries, and perpetuated distorted and powerless stereotypes among people who are poor in formerly-colonized countries.

Designed for communicators, Jennifer will lead participants in creative and practical writing, editing, and reflection exercises and interactive conversations to share insights and practical ways of telling compelling, yet not stereotypical nor overly-simplified stories about how social change occurs.

The conversations will be held on 3rd and 12th December 2019, and then 14th and 23rd January 2020. RSVP here and feel free to join one conversation, or all of them – do not feel you need to be available for every discussion.

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