Introducing the “Pathways to Power” Podcast Series

15 Oct 2019

In this “Pathways to Power” Podcast Series, Terry Gibson of Inventing Futures has been linking up people working at the front-lines of development and humanitarian response for a number of candid conversations. A common thread to these is that – despite its stated goals – the aid industry often fails in practice to focus on local needs and priorities. Why is this? More importantly, what changes are needed? Listen more to find out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


Episode 1: Localization


Read the transcript of Episode 1


Episode 2: Why Localization Matters


Read the transcript of Episode 2


Episode 3: How to Support Localization


Read the transcript of Episode 3


Episode 4: Roles for INGOs and Donors


Read the transcript of Episode 4


Contributors to the Podcasts

Sarwar Bari – National Coordinator, Pattan Development Oganization (Pakistan)

Melvin Chibole – Director, Governance, Learning & Communication, Kenya Community Development Foundation (Kenya)

Oscar Fwangmun Danladi – Pastor, ECWA Goodnews Church / Jos Green Centre (Nigeria)

Deborah Doane – Partner, Rights CoLab (United Kingdom)

Terry Gibson – Inventing Futures (United Kingdom)

Manu Gupta – Co-founder, SEEDS India (India)

Lizz Harrison – Programme Manager: Accelerating Localisation through Partnerships, Christian Aid (United Kingdom)

Hibak Kalfan – Executive Director, NEAR Network (Kenya)

George Kapala – Executive Director, Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya (Kenya)

Martin Kikaku – Executive Director, Riziki Kenya (Kenya)

Rocio Moreno Lopez – Executive Director, Accountable Now (Germany)

Mathamsanqa Moyo – Programme Manager, Community Foundation for the Western Region of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe)

Stewart Mthulisi Mantula – Executive Director, Community Foundation for the Western Region of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe)

Ben Osawe – Advocacy Manager, Tearfund (Nigeria)

Kailash Rijal – Director, DEPROSC (Nepal)

Shane Scanlon – Regional Partnerships Director, Middle East, International Rescue Committee

Sumeera Shrestha – Executive Director, Women for Human Rights (Nepal)

Sudhanshu S. Singh – Chief Executive Officer, Humanitarian Aid International (India)

Rachel Smith, UK Executive Director, GlobalGiving (UK)

Monica Stephen – Conflict and Security Advisor, Saferworld

Meredith Walsh – Country Director – Bangladesh, Community Partners International (Bangladesh)

Samantha Wolthuis – Director of Humanitarian Response and International Operations, American Jewish World Service (United States)

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