Podcast explores how local people create “the place we want”

What does Hull, a city on the eastern seaboard of England, have in common with provincial cities in Russia? Answer: not only have they been left behind by economic changes in the past 30 years, but they are also places where local people have taken their destinies into their own hands to create “the place we want.”

Natasha Kaminarskaya, of Blagosfera in Moscow, interviewed Barry Knight (GFCF and Rethinking Poverty) and Maria Chertok (Charities Aid Foundation Russia) to explore the relationship between the idea of “a good society” and the #ShiftThePower movement. The resulting podcast draws on the experiences of the Charities Aid Foundation Russia, GFCF and Rethinking Poverty (which has worked extensively with the group #TheHullWeWant), setting out what philanthropy can learn from this.

Listen to the podcast here.

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