Webinar on #ShiftThePower and systems change: How can we map our progress?

24 Feb 2020

Evan Bloom of Root Change with the Pathways to Power Pando map in the background

Join Root Change and the GFCF for a webinar on social network analysis and shifting power in philanthropy and aid.

The Pathways to Power Symposium in London brought together a hundred people for a conversation about reforming / transforming the current system of international aid and philanthropy. The event highlighted the fact that there are people thinking seriously about this at all levels of the system, from big institutional donors to grassroots organizations, from London to Lusaka, from Moscow to Mexico City. What has been missing however, is a way to locate these disparate efforts – some top-down, others bottom up – alongside and in relation to each other.

Grounded in social network analysis, the Pando platform uses web-based relationship surveys to identify diverse organizations within a system and track relationships in real time. The platform automatically generates a network map that visualizes the organizations and relationships within a system. Data filters and analysis tools help uncover key actors, areas of collaboration, and network structures and dynamics.

An initial #ShiftThePower map was generated by Symposium participants. What does it tell us? What does our system look like? Where are the gaps, the assets? Who are the nodes and the outliers? How can we use this map to measure our progress and to guide future actions? Join the webinar to learn more!

The webinar will be held on Tuesday 10 March at 8h EST / 12h UTC. To join, please send a short message confirming your interest to Wendy Richardson at the GFCF ( Participation is not restricted to individuals who were at the Pathways to Power Symposium – on the contrary, everyone is welcome!

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