Community philanthropy responds to Ukraine crisis

04 Mar 2022


GFCF partners are actively responding to the crisis in Ukraine and its effects on the wider region as millions have fled to safety in neighbouring countries. The GFCF has launched a series of rapid grants to community philanthropy partners in Ukraine and surrounding countries to support their relief efforts. We will be reporting more on the amazing organizing and relief work that is being done by our partners in Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia in due course, but activities have so far ranged from providing direct relief to arrivals from Ukraine in the form of food and accommodation, to organizing psycho-social support addressing the trauma and impacts of the war, to arranging transportation for Africans and other foreigners to other countries, to launching local fundraising campaigns.

So far, we have awarded US $536,130 in grants to the following organizations, most of which have also set up their own fundraising campaigns (see links below):

In addition, the GFCF has set up a JustGiving campaign to support a long-term GFCF partner and ally Moloda Gromada (“Young Community”), which is based in Odesa, Ukraine. In the immediate term, all funds raised via JustGiving will be directed to Moloda Gromada. We are making transfers in batches, on a rolling basis. Moloda Gromada was established in 2004 to bring people together around local issues, and to provide a platform for citizens to address the challenges and priorities that they identify as being most pressing. The organization has been particularly innovative in using technology to facilitate citizen participation, and has gained national attention and support for its work in this regard (specifically its “SOS-Protocol” App – though this is presently disabled due to security concerns). Moloda Gromada works with an extensive network of partners and volunteers, and is very much embedded in the local civil society sector.

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