Envisioning an alternative ecosystem for global development and humanitarianism

This concept paper challenges the terms “decolonization”, “localization” and “shift the power”, which have been the stand-out keywords within the heightened discourse in global development and humanitarianism (among many other sectors). It does so by taking a more radical view:

  • Firstly, by turning the focus on countries themselves, rather than on specific centres of financial and political power as the key drivers of development and change; and
  • Secondly, by considering that it is not a “reimagining” of aid that is necessary, but rather the end of the aid systems — at least as we know them.

This work challenges the change itself that is being advocated for by many in the sector. It is inspired by all the new innovations and reimaginings that do not seem to radically upset the status quo and do not abandon old practices. There is a need to completely move away from the current models of what we call aid and development, towards independent nations meeting their own development needs and generating their own systems of financial and technical support.

Author: Themrise Khan

Published by: Centre for Humanitarian Leadership

Published: September 2023

Download: ‘Envisioning an alternative ecosystem for global development and humanitarianism

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