Expanding the footprint: The Ikhala Trust story

This case study profiles the Ikhala Trust, a community grantmaker operating within the Eastern Cape, South Africa. From its early beginnings, its evolution as a grantmaker and connector, to becoming an organization with policy influence in South Africa is outlined. Some of the organization’s challenges and successes are described, as well as reflections on where it is now on its journey. As such, the case offers important lessons for people in the community development ecosystem – community leaders, CBOs, NGOs, government, academia and the corporate sector. Most significantly, the story helps the reader to see the potential for people organizing locally and informally through self-help networks and social movements, and how investment in community building initiatives is unfolding, breathing new life into civil society. An abridged version is also available.

Published by: Ikhala Trust

Published: December 2019

Download: ‘Expanding the footprint: The Ikhala Trust story‘ (an abridged version of the paper ‘Footprints: How a community grantmaker shifts the power’ is also available)

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