External Review and Options Appraisal of the Global Fund for Community Foundations

Barbara Klugman & Mark Turpin (2013) Johannesburg

This Strategic Review and Options Appraisal was undertaken for the Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF) by external consultants Barbara Klugman and Mark Turpin in response to a call for proposals issued by the GFCF in late 2012.  The work was undertaken between January and March 2013, and the draft Report was presented to the GFCF Board in March 2013.

This Report is not an evaluation of the work of GFCF, while it nonetheless ‘reviews’ the work and achievements of the organisation, particularly in the light of where the organisation stands at the present time.  In this sense, it is more of a ‘snapshot’ view of the GFCF.  And the Report, recognising that the GFCF is at an important moment in its life at a time of both challenge and opportunity, then presents a set of Options for decision.  At its March meeting, the GFCF Board made a choice for one of the Options presented and this is elaborated in the conclusion of the Report.

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