Generosity in the time of Covid-19

Generosity in the time of Covid-19 is a series of reports from CivSource Africa about giving during the Covid-19 lockdown in Uganda. The reports aim to capture a snapshot in time – a snapshot which CivSource Africa hopes will capture the generous spirit of Ugandans. The reports are not only a curation of stories of giving during lockdown, but also an invitation to have a wider conversation about philanthropy in Uganda.

A lot of the giving that occurred during lockdown happened in small communities, among and between neighbours and at the family level, far away from the glare of the media. So this report is but a small glimpse into all the giving that happened in this period. But while many Ugandans gave, it is also an opportune time to ask about the larger framework within which giving happens in Uganda. Is giving supported in Uganda? Is there adequate infrastructure upon which to build more enduring and collectivized philanthropy in Uganda? How can this moment be used to build that lasting framework?

The question going forward is how Uganda, as a country, can consciously and consistently document the giving that goes on daily, for all kinds of causes, by all kinds of people. How can this giving be better recognized and celebrated, whatever the amount given?

Published by: CivSource Africa

Published: June – October 2020

Download: ‘Generosity in the time of Covid-19, Volume 1‘, ‘Generosity in the time of Covid-19, Volume 2‘, ‘Generosity in the time of Covid Vol 3‘ and ‘Generosity in the time of Covid Vol 4

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