Reimagining civil society resourcing in Tanzania: A scoping study

In 2021, the GFCF embarked on a series of consultations and conversations aimed at exploring the potential for alternative and future resourcing strategies to support community-led action and civil society in Tanzania. The study was conducted within the framework of a larger programme, Kukuza Uwezo, aimed at strengthening the capacity of Disabled People’s Organizations in Tanzania and Uganda, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and implemented by GlobalGiving. It also forms part of larger global conversations associated with the #ShiftThePower movement aimed at addressing issues of equity and power in international philanthropy and development aid, and at fostering the development of local resourcing strategies – such as crowdfunding and community philanthropy – as a way of strengthening local ownership and voice.

The goal of the study was to help stimulate a larger conversation about the role and potential for growing, organizing and measuring the role of local resources in a meaningful way in Tanzania. Although the focus of the Kukuza Uwezo programme was on the disability sector in Tanzania specifically, the study explores the question of civil society resourcing more broadly. It involved exploring and gathering evidence about different kinds of existing local resourcing models and practices, as well as inviting views from a range of local, national, and international actors about the potential for expanding different approaches – and the barriers that might stand in the way.

Author: Susan Njambi Odongo & the GFCF

Published by: GFCF

Published: January 2023

Download: ‘Reimagining civil society resourcing in Tanzania: A scoping study

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