Resourcing social movements: How do we shift the power?

While the COVID-19 pandemic upended the world as we knew it and deepened existing inequalities, it also opened up new pathways of support between funders and grantees. New practices, away from the prevalent systems of grantmaking, were introduced. There have also been other pulls and reasons apart from the pandemic for these changes, which this research considers. Its aim is to examine the existing systems, and to explore alternative and creative ways of collaborating that are emerging between funders and their grantees (such as knowledge, networks, trust, etc.). The paper explores the question:

What does non-project support look like? What possibilities does it open up? What are the factors and reasons why organizations adopt this (or do not)? What does all of this mean to different actors: INGOs, community foundations and community-based organizations?

Published by: Cerana Foundation & Solidarity Foundation

Published: 2023

Download: ‘Resourcing social movements: How do we shift the power?

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