Systems to #ShiftThePower

This paper explores the potential for ‘systems theory’ to #ShiftThePower from external agencies to local people in the delivery of international development programmes. The paper is in four parts. Part 1 explains the background to #ShiftThePower and explains why a systems lens is required to achieve its aims. Part 2 describes key concepts in ‘systems theory’ and how they can be harnessed for social advance. Part 3 suggests that there are five dimensions of systems change required if we are to #ShiftThePower. Part 4 suggests a ten‑step framework for taking the work to the next stage. It was prepared in advance of the November 2019 “Pathways to Power” Symposium.

Author: Barry Knight

Published by: GFCF

Published: November 2019

Download: ‘Systems To #ShiftThePower

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Mukesh Tiwary

excellent paper!!! very practical guide for the organisations to adopt and join the movement #shiftthepower