Annonce, tangazo, anúncio, imbila, Объявление, ¡anuncio! Introducing a new Multilingual Resource section on the GFCF website

29 Jun 2021


“Language plays a huge role in how people see the world around them. It helps individuals express themselves, share knowledge and comprehend information at a pace of their choosing and in a tongue native to them… When talking issues of development and philanthropy, how do we ensure that we reach individuals in languages that they can understand? We need to put effort in ensuring that people who are not conversant in English have the opportunity to share their ideas and express themselves, so they are not cut out of the equation.”


These lines were written by Situmbeko Wambulawae, Communications Specialist at the Zambian Governance Foundation for a recent blog posted on our website entitled Power of the tongue: Language and its place in development – and we couldn’t agree more! Language and meaning matter and, recognizing the global nature of our work, we have made efforts to translate many key GFCF documents and resources into different languages: Chinese, French, Kiswahili, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish (to name a few). This work has been carried out over many years, and has often been done by our partners themselves, along with some excellent translators.

We are now delighted to announce a new section on our website of Multilingual Resources, where you can find all of these translations in one convenient place! Simply use the dropdown menu at the top of the page to select the language you would like to search in, or scroll through to see all of the translations on offer. You can also find a handy link to our new Multilingual Resources area from the top right-hand corner of our homepage. We are committed to continuing to grow the multilingual resources available on our site: do let us know if you have a resource, report or blog in your language that you think we should add, or if you would like to translate anything from our site into your language!

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