Donors working together: The story of the Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy

From 2013 – 2019, six U.S.‑based donor organizations, all active internationally, came together with the support of the GFCF to work as an alliance to build and promote community philanthropy as a global movement. There were three underlying factors that made this initiative unusual:

  • The Alliance was a mix of private and public donor entities, who do not often work together in this way.
  • It was based on a commitment to work collaboratively over a number of years around an idea.
  • A key motivation was to promote new approaches to community philanthropy as an important part of the development portfolio to donors operating internationally.

Surely, this makes it a story worth telling – not just to see if the collaboration achieved its goals, but also to explore what it means to be part of an ‘alliance’ and what lessons this Alliance may have for other donors across the globe seeking to collaborate in new ways to make a difference. A two-page summary of outputs and achievements has also been produced, to accompany “Donors working together.”

Authors: Rafal Serafin and Ros Tennyson, Partnership Brokers Association

Published by: GFCF

Published: September 2019

Download: “Donors working together: The story of the Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy” and the two-page “Summary of achievements

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Tsitsi Maradze

Way to go with philanthropy. I also hope that the collaborative initiatives will build on what works vs. just pursuing donor interests that do not respect the way of doing business that works for/by respective target communities. The bottom line is – whose reality works??