Pagkakaloob: The Filipino concept and practice of community philanthropy

The Filipino word pagkakaloob is the concept of giving in the Filipino culture with rich meaning and practice. By sharing what you have, there is an intrinsic element of giving oneself too. Pagkakaloob is giving one’s time, talent and treasure to people in need or for a good cause. Sometimes, it can go as far as giving oneself for others as self-sacrifice akin to Christians or activists. This is a powerful value and culture that when rekindled among Filipinos into action can make much difference in social and political life today.

This short report explores community philanthropy in the context of the Philippines, outlines some of the core values that exemplify community-led development and empowerment in the country, and links the Filipino practice of community philanthropy to global discussions around alternative systems and #ShiftThePower.

Published by: Center for Disaster Preparedness (CDP)

Published: March 2024

Download: ‘Pagkakaloob: The Filipino concept and practice of community philanthropy‘ (read more in Filipino on CDP’s website)

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