Financial sustainability in responsible transitions

Stopping As Success (a consortium consisting of Peace Direct, CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, and Search for Common Ground, with support and funding from USAID) is a collaborative learning project that aims to study the dynamics at play when ending a development programme, and to provide guidelines on how to ensure locally led development. In doing this, Stopping As Success looks beyond the technical aspects of an exit strategy to identify examples that demonstrate a transition toward locally led development.

This issue paper begins with an examination of the role of the external aid context in shaping the financial sustainability ecosystem. The issue of financial sustainability is then explored by asking three questions:

  1. How can INGOs support a transitioning organization to ensure its financial sustainability?
  2. How can local NGOs and CSOs advocate for themselves to enable more financially sustainable transitions?
  3. How can donors support more financially sustainable transitions through their policies and practices?

The paper is structured to answer these in turn, with each section discussing the challenges faced by various actors, as well as the creative ways that organizations have addressed them.

Author: David Yamron, Search for Common Ground

Published by: Stopping As Success

Published: January 2020

Download: ‘Financial sustainability in responsible transitions

This paper along with more resources are also available in the Stopping As Success Resource Library. More Stopping As Success resources are also available on the GFCF website, including How to access unrestricted funding and Practical guidelines for financial sustainability

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