Practical guidelines for financial sustainability

Stopping As Success (a consortium consisting of Peace Direct, CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, and Search for Common Ground, with support and funding from USAID) is a collaborative learning project that aims to study the dynamics at play when ending a development programme, and to provide guidelines on how to ensure locally led development. In doing this, Stopping As Success looks beyond the technical aspects of an exit strategy to identify examples that demonstrate a transition toward locally led development.

Stopping As Success identified the topic of financial sustainability as critical to responsible INGO aid transitions (financial sustainability in this report refers to the financial sustainability of local organizations after their transition from an INGO). This topic is critical to any conversation about successful transitions and true locally led development. After transition, raising funds as a new local entity can be difficult. This research suggests that decisions made before, during, and after a transition can have wide-ranging effects on a new organization’s ability to meet these challenges. It also lists practical guidelines for facilitating the financial sustainability of transitioning entities.

Author: David Yamron, Search for Common Ground

Published by: Stopping As Success

Published: January 2020

Download: ‘Practical guidelines for financial sustainability

This paper along with more resources are also available in the Stopping As Success Resource Library. More Stopping As Success resources are also available on the GFCF website, including How to access unrestricted funding and Financial sustainability in responsible transitions.

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