From “Innovation for Localization” to “Local philanthropy, Localization and Power”

This report tells the story of an experimental project embarked upon by an “unusual alliance” of five civil society and international development actors, the purpose of which was to test the potential of new kinds of institutional arrangements, partnerships, and approaches as a strategy for advancing the localization agenda and shifting power. It was originally written as an internal learning document for those involved in the project, with the aim of surfacing some of the dynamics – both the blockers and the enablers – that can arise when diverse actors, each with their different frameworks, narratives, and assumptions, come together in the spirit of collaboration and of “weaving the new.” The report considers both the experiences and reactions of the individuals involved, as well as the institutional relationships between the different actors, and particular parts of the system – and the types of power – they represent.

It is offered here to a wider audience as a contribution to larger field-wide and systems level efforts and conversations aimed at reforming and transforming “how development is done.”

Author: Jenny Hodgson, GFCF Executive Director

Published by: GFCF, NEAR Network, Save the Children Denmark, STAR Ghana Foundation, West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI)

Published: October 2022

Download: ‘From “Innovation for Localization” to “Local philanthropy, Localization and Power”

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