Global solidarity report 2023

Solidarity is the basis of community — whether local, national, or international. When we have a sense of belonging together, effective and representative institutions, and powerful stories that show cooperation working, the sacrifices that are needed to solve common challenges become possible. Without that solidarity, it will be much harder to make tough choices and fix crises.

If anyone thought that human progress was inevitable, the past decade has disavowed them of that notion. Tragedy is as likely as triumph, and which prevails in any given context depends on the actions of humans. Above all, it will depend on whether we act collectively for long-term benefit, or selfishly for short-term gain.

So, how is the world doing in 2023? What is the state of the much-invoked “international community”? Have milestones like the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine hurried the decline of the international order, or have they perhaps increased a sense of urgency to unite against common threats? Have the increasing reports of climate problems spurred humanity to action, or to fatalism and conflict?

This report sets out to measure the strength and resilience of the international community.

Published by: Global Nation

Published: September 2023

Download: ‘Global solidarity report 2023

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