Apply for the ‘Collaborative Innovations Awards’ 2021 from Partos, and showcase your work at the Innovation Festival!

30 Jul 2021


The application process for PartosCollaborative Innovations Awards 2021 is open!

Each year Partos organizes a call for innovation to showcase and promote recent innovative and inspiring initiatives in the development sector. This year, the award recognizes and celebrates innovative collaborations in international civil society partnerships that developed creative solutions to deal with complex, volatile and uncertain scenarios in development cooperation. This call for collaborative innovation aims to capture what forms of collaborations are needed to better address and navigate today’s challenges in international civil society partnerships. Partos is looking for pioneer collaborative approaches, and joint projects or initiatives that dare to innovate and adapt in times of uncertainty, complexity and in the rapidly changing field of development cooperation. These innovations will be put in the spotlight at the Partos Innovation Festival in October 2021.  

A list of previous applicants is available here. Applications for the 2021 awards are due before August 15th 2021.

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