Project managing the development of a platform for community philanthropy and community-led development practitioners and advocates

The GFCF is hosting an exciting new initiative to support community philanthropy and community development practitioners and advocates in the global south. We are looking to engage a consultant to project manage the launch and development of a platform aimed at connecting community philanthropy and community-development practitioners in ways that can facilitate joint learning, action and campaigning – both for greater recognition of emergent practices (including community philanthropy) and for greater local control of resources and decision-making in community development processes. The goals of the platform are to:

  • Create an identity for a growing community of practitioners sharing these concerns
  • Create opportunities for sharing and learning
  • Create opportunities for campaigning
  • Link the activity and identity of the platform to other initiatives being led by the GFCF – and other networks and allies – seeking to disrupt and democratize the international development system


Overview of requirements for consultant

The consultant will be able to demonstrate experience in:

  • Project management: demonstrating an ability to manage dynamic and emergent programmes.
  • Communications: proactively and effectively engaging a wide range of participants.
  • Coordination of communications facilities including websites and social media: demonstrating an ability to identify and deploy effective communications channels.
  • Organization of events and campaigning initiatives: with the ability to manage these “end to end” to achieve the desired impact.
  • International development and / or philanthropy: with a keen interest and track record in doing / thinking differently, and an appreciation of the challenges and opportunities associated with working at the intersections of top-down and bottom-up.

The successful applicant will have experience of working with a wide range of stakeholders from the global south and will share a concern for securing a stronger voice and influence for local level actors. As the GFCF is led by a very small team, the consultant will be a self-starter, able to work alone where necessary and take initiative to draw in other expertise where required.


Programme of work

The following brief outline is indicative of initial tasks and is subject to further development as the platform is established:

  1. Work with the GFCF to refine the concept for the programme.
  2. Engage in a series of consultations and conversations with a core group of allies aimed at identifying an initial steering / working group who are prepared work on – and can dedicate time to – an initial six-month start-up phase.
  3. Determine what supports will be needed to help make it happen.
  4. Specify and develop supporting communications including lists, web, social media etc., as appropriate.
  5. Manage the design of an identity for the programme.
  6. Collaborate with contributors to coordinate a programme of events to generate interest and participation.
  7. Maintain regular pro-active coordination with participants to establish and maintain participation.
  8. Collaborate with the core group and the GFCF to identify future plans for the platform.



The initial programme of work will be for a six-month period, requiring a typical time input of two days per week. The contract may be extended by mutual agreement.


Work base and facilities

The consultant will be required to work from their own base and to provide their own work facilities (broadband, computer etc.) and will also be responsible, as a self-employed person, for their own tax, health, insurance and other arrangements.



We invite applications for the consultancy as outlined, providing evidence to support the consultant’s ability to meet the requirements above, with specific examples of relevant work. The GFCF is committed to diversity and gender equality and we strongly encourage applicants from the global south and female candidates to apply. The application should also include a full CV and a cost proposal for the work. Applications should be submitted to by 23rd October 2020. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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