A Guide to Community Foundations in Italy

The community philanthropy movement is growing rapidly all over the world. In Italy, the establishment of community foundations began in 1999, and there are now 37 registered Italian community foundations. Different in terms of origin, size, vision, methodology and operations, and deeply rooted in the fabric of a given community, Italian community foundations represent different forms of community philanthropy. But they are always platforms that provide a bridge between local institutions and third-sector organizations in order to deal, at the local level, with the complex, social, economic and cultural challenges that characterize today’s world. This guide examines the history of the movement in Italy, the legal and fiscal context in which they operate, facts and figures on the field, as well as stories from individual organizations.

Authors: Assifero & European Community Foundation Initiative

Published by: Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen e.V.

Published: April 2018

Download: A Guide to Community Foundations in Italy

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