Annual Review of South African philanthropy

12 prominent philanthropic organizations share their views on meeting the new challenges facing South Africa in this third edition of the “Annual Review of South African philanthropy.” The Annual Review aims to provide valuable public information on the nature, scope, achievements and challenges of some of the many hundreds of philanthropic organizations active in South Africa.

The context for this year’s review of South African philanthropy includes a number of major disruptors in South African society. The philanthropy sector now needs to explore how to move forward in response to these. Annual Review editor Shelagh Gastrow describes the past year as “a time of mayhem.” Philanthropists not only had to sustain their longer-term priority projects and programmes but also had to respond to emergencies created by such events as the COVID-19 pandemic and the mid-year outbreak of looting and violence in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

The hope is that the stories and perspectives in the 2021 edition of the Annual Review may also inspire others in South Africa to consider philanthropic giving or to make contributions to organizations that can effectively use these private resources to advance their objectives.

Editor: Shelagh Gastrow

Published: November 2021

Published by: Independent Philanthropy Association South Africa (IPASA)

Download: ‘Annual Review of South African philanthropy

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