The Value of Community Philanthopy: Results of a Consultation

Languages available:   English Русский

Barry Knight (2012) Aga Khan Foundation USA & Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

As partners in the pursuit of sustainable development, AKF USA and the Mott Foundation conducted a series of collaborative consultations in North America, Africa and Asia to explore how community philanthropy can help build local capacity. The results of these consultations demonstrate the importance of foundations and development agencies partnering with local communities to achieve lasting development outcomes.

The report, authored by Barry Knight, CENTRIS Consultant and Facilitator, offers a definition of community philanthropy for practitioners and identifies key priorities for building the capacity of the field of community philanthropy. According to Knight, “The roundtable consultations in Washington, DC, Johannesburg and Dhaka revealed an enormous potential for local community foundations around the globe to build links between partners and identify priority areas and next steps to propel forward the field of community philanthropy.”

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